I'm not a Bank

Years ago when I was getting married, I wanted to experience the entire wedding dream. The dress buying, the venue picking, the horse and carriage, the beautiful cake, everything.
I had that except, the actual dress buying experience left a bad taste in my mouth. At the time of my nuptials I was doing well financially and could afford to buy the dress of my dreams. My mother ended up buying the gown for my wedding gift, which made it even better as she demanded that I get whatever I desired. Being an only child has its benefits.

Armed with the in-laws, my family, my friends, and the dog, we went to a well known bridal boutique to choose my gown. I didn't love it. We were rushed, the boutique was very busy with brides all over the place, and what left a bad taste in my mouth was the lack of attention. If I have an appointment, at least know my name. At least give me the time to choose a few gowns to try on, and at least, act as if your only concern at that moment is for me to find my dress.

I felt more like a customer at McDonald's, waiting for my order to come up. The bridal assistant didn't see me. She saw the commission she could make by picking the most expensive dresses, knowing full well that some of the styles were not for my body type.

That's when I knew I would sell bridal gowns one day. I just didn't know when.

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